Brandhouse – A Life Wrecked

Brandhouse liquor company’s Drive Dry Initiative wanted those attending the South African Whiskey Festival to be discouraged from driving home under the influence. The personal belongings of Heather Cosser – a woman killed by a drunk driver – were collected from her family. Her belongings were crushed with an entire car in a heavy-duty compressor. An installation was created to dramatise that drinking and driving wrecks more than just your car – it wrecks lives. People exiting the festival were confronted by a severe reminder of the harsh consequences of drinking and driving.
The hard-hitting campaign, which also won a Cannes Bronze Lion and a Loerie this year, was aimed at raising consumer awareness around drinking and driving and personalising the issue of drunk driving by evoking a strong emotional response in consumers.

The powerful installation at last year’s Whisky Festival, formed part of Brandhouse’s ongoing efforts to inform and raise consumer awareness about the potentially devastating effects of driving while under the influence of alcohol.


Advertising Agency: FoxP2, Cape Town
Creative Directors: Andrew Whitehouse, Justin Gomes
Art Director: Reijer van der Vlugt
Copywriter: Justin Osburn


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