Panasonic – The Earphones Note

Panasonic marketed their RP-HJE 130 Stereo Earphones in Europe with a new packaging designed to showcase the product’s unique sound quality. The earphones are packaged inside a special box in the shape of two quavers or eighth notes. The packaging won a Gold Design Lion at Cannes International Advertising Festival 2010 for packaging design.

Case Study
The selection of earphones is huge and the products are often interchangeable. Only a packaging with a clear visual idea is able to stand out at the market among the generic packagings of the competition.
The brief was to design a new packaging for the Stereo Earphones RP-HJE 130 that clearly communicates the product benefit: the unique sound quality. The packaging design has to appeal to a target group that usually owns well-designed high-class mp3 players. The packaging uses the universal symbol for music: the note. By specially arranging the earphones inside a special box they appear to look like two eighth notes. So the earphones show at first sight for whom they are made: for passionate music lovers.
The new packaging was met with positive reactions from retailers and clients because it clearly stood out from the generic packaging of the competition. As such it helped to attract new target groups for Panason

Advertising Agency: SCHOLZ & FRIENDS Berlin
Executive Creative Director: Martin Pross/Matthias Spaetgens
Creative Director: Michael Winterhagen
Art Director: Walter Ziegler/Philipp Weber
Copywriter: Felix John


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