Polo – Snow Stamp

Polo mints first rolled off the production line in 1948, they proved to be a hit with the Great British public and are now the nation’s favourite mint.’The Mint with the Hole’ is instantly recognised by its distinguished shape and is now considered a British design icon.
Our objective was to freshen up the image of the much loved mint, to make it feel relevant to today’s society to both new and existing consumers whilst communicating its fresh, white mintiness.
In December 2009 the entire UK was covered in a fresh, white blanket of snow, this gave us the idea to use the fresh, white snow as a blank canvas.
We had a small window of opportunity to take advantage of the fresh, white blanket of snow that had covered in UK.
We needed to act fast with a simple, fresh and effective idea, a tactical idea that used the heavy snowfall to illustrate the white, fresh nature of the mint. So we produced a tactical ambient idea for the brand, a ‘Polo snow stamp’.
When stamped in thick, fresh snow it left a near perfect replica of the iconic fresh, white.
The purpose of this idea was to create a buzz around an old, iconic brand, to freshen up the perception of Polo mints in today’s society.The communication reinforced the ‘fresh’ association with the brand and gave passers-by a smile as they made their way through the thick, fresh snow. We wanted people to talk about Polo mints, the communication provoked an online reaction with many passers-by photographing the snow Polo’s and circulating them the blogs and social media sites.
One passer-by said she ‘couldn’t believe her eyes’ when she walked passed a large Polo mint stamped in the snow.

Advertising Agency: JWT, London
Executive Creative Director: Russell Ramsey
Creative Director: Russell Ramsey/Jason Berry
Copywriter: Phillip Meyler/Darren Keff
Art Director: Phillip Meyler/Darren Keff


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