Toyota IQ Font – The First Typeface Designed By a Car

Toyota launches the new iQ, a compact car that combines sleek design and cutting edge technology. Our briefing was to communicate the unique agility and perfect control of the iQ in a relevant way to a target group of 18-35 year old urban people. We want to reach the communities that fit the iQ’s core values: design, technology and automotive. We need a concept that can merge these three strong online communities. How can we jump out of the mass? How can we be different from our competitors, and be relevant and attractive to our target group? How can we create something that’s in our target group’s world, and that lasts longer than a normal ad?
To demonstrate its incredible agility, the new Toyota iQ was the first car in the world ever to create an entire font from A to Z. To make this project happen, we collaborated with: – Zach Lieberman, pioneer in interactive art. Color tracking software developer. – Pierre and Damien, from Pleaseletmedesign, a type and graphic design studio. Font designers. – Professional pilot Stef van Campenhoudt, European champion of GT3 racing. Font driver. All together, they created the iQ Font. The making of video was posted on Vimeo, with a direct link to download the iQ font for free on the Toyota website, where people were also invited to book a test drive.

The making of video was posted as a viral film on Vimeo, and got featured on thousands of influential design, technology and automotive blogs worldwide. The video was posted on over 6000 blogs worldwide. The stunt also got a huge amount of offline media attention in leading design and technology magazines all over the world. It was even broadcasted at the Typophile festival in New York, and at ‘Centre Pompidou’, the museum for modern art at Paris. The iQ Font making of video got more than 600 000 unique clicks and reached over 2 million page views on blogs and online magazines. The iQ Font got downloaded over 24 000 times from the Toyota website.
Thousands of posts on other social media, like digg, facebook, tumblr, delicious… More than 600 000 views of the making of video. More than 2 000 000 page views on blogs and online newspapers. Free media coverage in magazines and newspapers. More than 24 000 font downloads from the Toyota website. 2 345 test drive demands. All this with 0 euro media investment.

Advertising Agency: Happiness, Brussels
Creative Management: Karen Corrigan/Gregory Titeca
Creative Director: Gregory Titeca
Creative: Tom Galle
Creative: Ramin Afshar
Head of Art: Cecilia Azcarate Isturiz


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