Papa John’s Pizza Delivery – Door Viewer

Papa John’s doesn’t just compete with the other pizza deliveries. People have lots of options to choose from: Burgers, Chinese, sandwiches, chicken, and yes, pizza too.
Our goal within this reality was to impress Papa John’s pizza delivery on people’s minds, setting us apart from the wide range of fast food options.
Most fast food deliveries concentrate their efforts on costly print or tv campaigns. But how good is to reach a client who can’t get one of your pizzas because is out of your delimited delivery zone? Papa John’s has five well-located stores, but we are in a pretty big city. That’s why we decided to focus our messages to reach our potential customers: only the ones that live around Papa John’s delivery area. And we used a new media that we found as the most appropriate for a pizza delivery service: the door viewer. Imagine you’re at home at about 7pm and somebody rings the bell.
You head to your entrance door, and when you see through the door viewer, there’s a Papa John’s pizza boy in front of you, with “your order”. The message was clear, and the phone number was printed on the box.

Phone calls and sales increased 80%. With less than two years on the country, Papa John’s achieved a huge awareness in a highly competitive market. We have beaten mass media campaigns, with a budget of less than $200, by being at the right time and place. Literally.

Advertising Agency: Quòrum/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Lima
Executive Creative Director: Gustavo Asman
Copywriter: Oscar Tamayo H./Lucho Fuentes
Art Director: Jose Alfredo Alcazar

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