Happiness Brussels – Comic Sans Destroyer


Advertising agency Happiness Brussels is looking for a graphic designer with the right spirit and good taste.
How could we get a maximum number of applicants amongst the best graphic designers? We targeted the graphic design community through an online action in order to spread the word.
In graphic design communities, the Comic Sans font it is considered to be the ultimate symbol of bad taste.
Therefore, we designed the ‘Comic Sans Destroyer’, a downloadable application that will erase Comic Sans for once and for all from your computer. Only after using the application and cleaning their computer from all forms of Comic Sans, applicants can apply for the position of graphic designer.
‘Comic Sans Destroyer’ is now the ultimate tool to get rid of Comic Sans for once and for all; and at the same time it spreads the message: we only want graphic designers with really good taste.

After one week:
– Featured on the most influential graphic design blogs and websites.
– Over 20.000 unique visits on the website.
– More than 4.000 downloads of the application.
– More than 130 graphic designers from all over the world applied for the job.

Advertising Agency: Happiness, Brussels
Creative Management: Karen Corrigan/Gregory Titeca
Creative Director: Gregory Titeca
Creative: Tom Galle
Creative: Ramin Afshar


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