Bar Aurora/Boteco Ferraz – The $73,000 Bar Tab

Insights, Strategy & the Idea
The objective of this campaign was to raise awareness, to make people think about drunk driving, and to draw attention to a chain of bars and a cause. The target audience was comprised of the regular customers of Bar Aurora and Boteco Ferraz and new customers from the Internet. The strategy of this campaign was to impact people in the moment that they decide whether to drive drunk in such a way that the message would stick with them and spread. The strength of this idea lies in the nature of the customers. They’re not likely to read anything at the bar, until they receive their bills. It’s natural to check where money’s going and connecting the expenses of their night out to the real costs of drinking and driving proved very impactful. This execution is important to the brand, because tab is the one-thing customers care about most.
Creative Execution
The creative solution was to add the real costs of drunk driving to customer’s bar tabs. The goal was to get people’s attention right before they left the bar and persuade them to think about alternate transportation. A second goal was to spread awareness about the dangers of drunk driving. We filmed everything during those nights in the hopes that we could utilise the Internet to attract hundreds of thousands of views.
Results and Effectiveness
People asked to take the bar tabs with them to show their friends. Then the message took off. In just one month, it became a Trending Topic on Twitter, gained 200,000 views on YouTube and was mentioned in hundreds of blogs. The case video was discussed so extensively that it became one of YouTube’s most discussed videos in both Brazil and Spain. With 503,000 mentions on Google, Bar Aurora and Boteco Ferraz received tons of attention. As for talking to drunk drivers, on the nights of this action there was an 80% increase in consumers hailing cabs from these locations.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Brazil
Executive Creative Director: Anselmo Ramos
Creative Director: Rubens Filho
Copywriter: Megan Farquhar
Art Director: Bruno Riberio/Denis Kakazu


One Comment on “Bar Aurora/Boteco Ferraz – The $73,000 Bar Tab”

  1. Un karaoké alcootest contre la conduite en état d’ivresse says:

    […] d’essai puisqu’ils ont déjà imaginé d’autres campagnes dans le même esprit : l’addition qui inclut les frais d’ambulance et autres réjouissances si vous aviez pris …, ou encore le voiturier […]

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