AXN TV Boxes – The TV boxes that promoted a TV channel

The brief:
AXN is a TV channel famous for its TV series. Our task was to promote these series in order to get new spectators for the channel.
Describe the promotion:
When people buy a new TV, all they can think about is watching it. We took advantage of this opportune moment to announce the series. In a partnership with a leading TV brand, we printed their own boxes with the series screenshots and schedule, suggesting consumers how to best enjoy their new TV. The boxes carried our communication to stores all over the country, impacting both consumers at POPs and at home.
AXN had no cost at all to implement the idea. The printing and shipping were handled by the TV manufacturer, as they were used to doing. In exchange, AXN paid them back with empty advertising slots. In one month, the boxes reached over 300,000 people. In the same period, AXN register a 12% increase in its ratings, such a good result the client is now extending the project to other TV brands. In 2010, our national TV market sold over 10 million TVs – a number that has been growing bigger and bigger. We got a ride on that huge demand to speak to spectators in a perfect moment to get them to watch the series.

Advertising Agency: Publicis Brazil
Executive Creative Director: Hugo Rodrigues
Creative Director: Kevin Zung
Copywriter: Luis Felipe Figueiredo
Art Director: Antonio Correa


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