Disney – Magic Happens Campaign

Pillow TalkA woman wakes her husband late one night to discuss her worries that they are drifting apart, only to find that her husband can still say the special words she needs to hear.

Big NightAmidst a celebratory dinner, a man gives his long-time girlfriend an anniversary gift. She’s appalled when she sees a shoe box instead of a jeweller’s box … That is, until she discovers a single glass slipper inside. Super: Magic happens. Disney.

DreamerA mother and father look in on their sleeping child and examine his imaginitive drawings and wonder what he is dreaming about. Close-up on rudimentary drawings of Mickey Mouse. The child is a young Walt Disney. Super: Magic happens. Disney.

First WordsAfter grandpa opens several dull birthday gifts, his grandson feels inspired. He runs off and returns with his favourite book, “Peter Pan”, and reads to grandpa about Neverland – the place where no one ever grows old. Super: Magic happens. Disney.

Family CircleMum rushes off to an evening class while the kids have a night of fun with dad. They sing “The Circle of Life” lyrics as they re-enact a scene from “The Lion King”. Super: Magic happens. Disney.

ScrabbleA big brother ruthlessly teases his little sister during a family game of Scrabble. She eventually gets the best of him, spelling, perhaps, the longest word in the English language, courtesy of Disney.

Business TripA father travelling all alone on a long business trip discovers that his three-year-old son has found a way to keep him from becoming too lonely.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Chicago
Creative director: Cheryl Berman/Ned Crowley/Jonathan Moore
Copywriter: Ned Crowley
Art Director: Jonathan Moore
Production Company: Pytka, USA
Director: Joe Pytka


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