Coca-Cola – Coke Vs. Coke Zero

Watch as 2 actors, posing as Coke marketing executives starts a grassroot movment inside the Coca-Cola Company. Many employees thought it was real…

Describe the campaign
Everyone knows that diet colas don’t taste like the real thing. So how do you convince a skeptical world that your new, zero calorie drink actually tastes like Coke? In this hyper-litigious society, there can only be one answer: you file a lawsuit for taste infringement. Or at least have some fun with the notion by hiring two actors to play Coke brand managers, who’ll recruit real attorneys to support their lawsuit against Coke Zero. Then you turn the whole thing into one big integrated campaign that gives consumers a refreshingly honest look at a huge company like Coke.
Describe how the campaign was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.
National TV launched last year, with six 30 second spots running throughout 2007. included Coke vs Coke Zero webfilms, “Ruin This Man’s Day” (a game) and “Sue a Friend” (a tool), with supporting digital banners. During the NCAA Final Four weekend in Atlanta, the two “Coke brand managers” conducted an anti-Coke Zero campaign in the Coca-Cola headquarters, complete with authentic ID badges and business cards. Additionally, at Atlanta’s My Coke Fest they publicly protested Coke Zero with a tent, signage and samples to remind the public that “taste confusion hurts us all”. New summer print and OOH followed.
Give some idea of how successful this campaign was with both client and consumer.
By September 2007, Coke Zero reached a 1.3% market share, which equates to approximately 22 million cases beyond business projections. It’s the only brand to retain a share greater than 1% of the 350 brands launched over the past 5 years (Nielsen Scanning Channels YTD 2007). As the most blogged-about package-goods launch in a 2007 Nielsen study, Coke Zero was mentioned at 100 times the rate of the category average. The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and The CBS Early Show ran substantial pieces on the brand, and its impact on the Coca-Cola company overall.

Advertising Agency: Crispin Porter+Bogusky
Creative Director: Dave Schiff
Associate Creative Director: Alex Burnard
Copywriter: Erkki Izarra/Adrian Alexander
Art Director: Dayoung Ewart
Production Company: Villians, Nutmeg
Director: Fred Goss


3 Comments on “Coca-Cola – Coke Vs. Coke Zero”

  1. Quora says:

    How hard is Coca-Cola trying to create something that tastes exactly like Coke but contains less sugar?…

    Not very hard at all. And I say this for three reasons. 1. The technical challenge of formulating a low-calorie or no-calorie taste profile that matches Coke is no longer a particular difficult one for the food science wizards at Coca-Cola. In other wo…

  2. Sandra Harrison says:

    I have been drinking coke my whole life. Coke Zero taste terrible it doesnt fool me. My house and car and almost everything in my life says cocacola its the real thing its always cocacola

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