Young Director Award – Drama Queen

A thirty-something woman is driving a car while her 5-year-old daughter is peacefully sitting in the back seat.
The woman is being pulled over by a policeman for speeding.
The policeman notices the girl in the back seat, and comments with a friendly voice:
“Mummy a bit in a hurry, was she?”
The girl looks at the policeman with serious eyes and answers in a monotone voice:
“She’s not my mommy.”
She then lifts up a drawing pad where she has scribbled the word: HELP, and adds articulating: “Help me.”
“Step out of the car Madam!” The policeman orders strictly.
The girl looks mischievously towards the camera and a text appears: Born to create drama. Young Director Award by CFP-E/Shots

Describe the objective of the promotion.
To establish Young Director Award by CFP-E/SHOTS as THE competition for aspiring commercial film directors and to get as many entries as possible to the 2010 competition. (To be eligible, entries must be one of the first four commercials a director has directed.)
Describe how the promotion developed from concept to implementation
The concept, born to create drama, puts emphasis on the unique talent of young directors.
We felt the best way to promote a young director award show was to lead by example and give an inexperienced director an opportunity to shoot a script with strong viral-potential, and seed it out to aspiring commercial directors.
The film was broadcast on youth oriented programs, seeded to production companies and film schools and posted on facebook-sites and on youtube. To add interest among our target group, we also posted a making-of of the commercial on the
Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results
The link was sent to 1500 email-addresses including production companies and film schools. This led to over 265 000 hits on youtube in a few weeks (and counting). The film was discovered by traditional broadcast as best commercial of the month and got six free air times on prime time television, it was also picked up by over 30 online sites publishing the newest and the freshest of the industry and beyond.
The site immediately received 76% new visitors with an average of 48 minutes on site.
Within a month, YDA received around 400 entries from young commercial directors around the world.
Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service
The entry deadline was getting closer and it was the quickest way to make a strong impact and get a response from our target group. Young commercial directors live and breath quality commercials. That is their passion.
It was crucial to be a fast success on youtube, which is the place where young directors seek references and inspiration on a daily basis. Writing a script with strong viral potential and shooting it with an inexperienced young director (24-year old Rogier Hesp) inspires other young and up-coming directors to fulfill their own dreams.
Supporting and inspiring talent is the sole purpose of Young Director Award by CFP-E/Shots.

Advertising Agency: TBWA/PHS Helsinki
Copywriter: Mira Olsson
Art Director: Minna Lavola
Production Company: L-A-D-A, Amsterdam
Director: Rogier Hesp


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