Axe Detailer – Cleans Your Balls

Axe Shower Gel needed to convert 14-24 yo male bar soap users to shower gel. The Axe Detailer was created to fulfill that need. It had a successful launch in 2008, but there were still guys out there that hadn’t tried the Detailer. We needed to find a way to increase awareness of the Detailer, while actively driving cross-sell for Axe Shower Gel. And on a budget that could not afford TV support. We knew that to get guys to use the Axe Detailer, we needed to let them know that Axe Shower Gel and the Axe Detailer will give them the ultimate clean. But in order to break through we needed to tell them in a way that was just as edgy and funny as the content they consume and pass along to their friends online. We needed to tell them that the Axe Detailer, “Cleans your balls.”

Advertising Agency: BBH, New York
Executive Creative Director: Pelle Sjoenell/Calle Sjoenell
Creative Director: Jon Randazzo
Copywriter: Nick Kaplan
Art Director: Jason Bottenus
Production Company: Station Film
Director: Harold Einstein


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