The Evian Rollerbabies Campaign

Insights, Strategy & the Idea
Context: the Natural Mineral Water Market is under pressure in Europe because of sustainability, and economical issues.
With the cheapest water option, tap water, on the rise.
Marketing objectives: To justify evian’s premium status. Evian is 3 times more expensive than other brands of spring water in France. The gap can be even broader in the rest of Europe, e.g. in the UK, Germany and Belgium.
Communication objectives : Turn evian into a truly global brand, with a consistent territory worldwide. Strengthen evian’s equity, therefore fueling its emotional appeal, to reconnect with its consumers. Create a global event on the brand, at low-investment levels, to get the brand back to the forefront.
Idea: Use youth –more specifically babies, a traditional concept for evian – to valorise the values of evian – one of man’s greatest aspirations, and an attitude, a mindset that creates engagement from consumers, cross-generation and cross-geographies.
Creative Execution
Spectacular & entertaining babies at the heart of the execution : The evian campaign stages a group of babies roller skating and dancing a hip-hop freestyle. A unique idea, implemented across an extensive media mix, to appeal to a maximum number of people, to encourage them to appropriate and propagate the campaign themselves.
Maximising complementarities between media for maximum results
• Digital – A full entertainment programme was created online, with 2 pre-launch viral movies, a Premiere, a Making Of, and interviews with the babies on YouTube, blogs and the new evian LiveYoung website.
• PR – to activate the world’s media and stimulate general interest around the campaign and the brand.
• Events – Berlin Fashion Week, US Masters etc – to engage consumers locally.
• TV & Cinema – to leverage the entertainment dimension
• Print – To complete the message of the campaign, 7 months after the launch of the first film.
• The Live Young Training Website – to continue engaging consumers with the brand.
Results and Effectiveness
Massive, positive PR noise, buzz, virality around the brand:
• Over €5m in free airtime, 102m views for the campaign– with Rollerbabies becoming the most-viewed ad on the web ever (Guinness World Records).
• Time Magazine advert of the year, #1 for the Wall Street Journal, Guardian Top 5.
• Internet users watch the ad 3 times on average. Ad viewers are 3 times more likely to go to the evian website than average.
• One of the top 20% most-effective ads ever – source GfK France, Belgium, Germany
With impressive sales results so far:
• France: +7% in sales
• UK: +13% in market share
• Canada: +7% in market share

Advertising Agency: BETC Euro RSCG
Executive Creative director: Rèmi Babinet
Art Director: Agnès Cavard
Copywriter: Valèrie Chidlovsky
Production Company: Partizan
Director: Michael Gracey


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