Arnet Broadband – Todos por un pelo

Arnet and Santo collected 500,000 hairs! The solidarity of the Argentine society rescued a bald head.
Arnet Broadbands advertising campaign introduces Juan Manuel Fraga, a man who enjoyed having long hair throughout his adolescence but today suffers the torment of being bald. Appealing to the peoples solidarity, Fraga tells us about the deal he made with Arnet by which, for every new customer to signed up in November, he would get one hair implanted onto his head.
The six-spot strong campaign was launched on November 1st and developed over the whole month. It also supported billboards and two internet sites: Fragas blog and the made up hair recovery Canadian clinics site. Fragas blog ( – which means exceeded 500,000 hits. Over 800 bald men sent their pictures to the site, and a tribute video was made to honor all the baldies that made Juan Manual Fragas dream come true. Internet is entertainment. And with this campaign Arnet keeps proving to be form and content of this world.

Advertising Agency: Santo, Buenos Aires
Creative Director: Pablo Minces
Copywriter: Pablo Minches/Matias Ballada de Saint Robert
Art Director: Maximiliano Anselmo/Luis Ghidotti
Production Company: Wasabi Films, Buenos Aires
Director: Diego Kaplam


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