Pampero – The World’s First Ephemeral Museum

Insights, Strategy & the Idea
We had a challenge. To launch Pampero rum in Portugal, a place where rum is for old and boring people. We nedeed to make Pampero cool.
For this porpoise, we focused on the social tribe who named themselves as INDIE. Why them? because they’re opinion leaders and trendsetters. They say what is cool and what’s not. So, if they say Pampero is cool, everybody will follow them. The job is done. Traditional advertising just doesn´t get to this people, art does. Using Pampero Fundación, a foundation that supports alternative artists, we’ve created the world´s first Ephemeral Museum.
First, the best pieces of street art at the Bairro Alto district were tagged. Then we created a website where you can download an audio-guide and a map with the pieces location. So you can go out with your mp3 player and walk the museum streets.

Creative Execution
First we made MUSEUEFEMERO.COM, a site with all the material needed to enjoy the Ephemeral Museum.
The site is constantly updated and soon became a cult place where artist and people interested in street art share opinions, information and fresh pieces of art. For the inauguration day, jornalist received a diferent direct marketing: a tile (typical on portoguese walls) decorated with a piece of street art. We also made happenings in bars presenting different artist painting live, to promote the museum. The Ephemeral Museum was communicated traditional media too. Such as magazines, online, and with posters in every bar and street in Bairro Alto

Results and Effectiveness
With an annual budget of only € 30.000 we generated visibility of more than € 240.000. According to Millward Brown in a few months Pampero reached the sales expectation for the whole year, duplicated the Trial, and triplicated the Top of Mind. Pampero matched his competitor in sales and in awareness. Remarcable considering that the competitor is in the market for 15 years. Quickly we had way more visitors than any museum around. Hundreds of articles around the globe talked about it. Including several tourist guides. The brand is working to open new galleries in Italy, Spain, France and UK.


Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Lisboa

Executive Creative Director: Chacho Puebla
Copywriter: Juan Christmann
Art Director: Ricardo Toledo


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