Cadbury Dairy Milk – Airport Trucks

Cadbury could not have picked a more appropriate time to launch its follow-up to last year’s acclaimed drumming gorilla commercial. In scenes that will make Terminal 5 travellers wince, the highly-anticipated advert shows baggage tumbling from airport trucks during a madcap race along a runway. Motorised stairs, rescue vehicles and tow trucks collide as they weave across the tarmac in their unlikely contest, which takes place under a purple lightening-streaked sky. It was first broadcast on British television on Sunday when the Heathrow chaos was still disrupting the journeys of thousands of passengers – and separating many from their bags. The new Dairy Milk advert shares the esoteric, wacky feel of its predecessor, and also boasts a cult soundtrack, although the Phil Collins hit “In the Air Tonight” is thrown out in favour of Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now”.

“We’ve brought the high speed excitement of a Hollywood car chase to these slow-moving airport trucks,” said Phil Rumbol, marketing director for Cadbury.

“It’s a magical piece of film designed to bring a smile to your face. The production is set to make unlikely stars out of the humble airport trucks much as we did with our drumming gorilla.”

Only time will tell whether the advert will achieve the same viral popularity as the award-winning drumming gorilla advert, which is credited with reversing Cadbury’s fortunes after the confectioner was forced to recall a million chocolate bars over salmonella fears in 2006. The gorilla advert got seven million hits on You Tube and inspired 70 community groups on Facebook, while Phil Collins’s 1981 hit reached No 9 in the UK download chart.

Titled Airport Trucks, the new advert was filmed over six nights in Mexico using genuine airport vehicles enhanced with rebuilt engines and more glamorous paintwork. The film was shot with five cameras on 800 metres of runway and lit by 40 light stands and 200 blue side lights. It is the work of Glass and a Half Full Productions, which also produced the gorilla advert.

Advertising Agency: Fallon, London

Art Director: Juan Cabral
Copywriter: Juan Cabral
Agency Producer: Nicky Barnes
Production Company: Blink Productions, London
Director: Juan Cabral
Post Production House: MPC


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